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Abstract Motivational Artist helps the youth community by spreading positivity and motivation through artwork and through public speaking. To help the youth gain a positive mindset through challenging times from the healing of arts and from motivational words. Also, to provide the importance of spreading mental illness through the power of speech and the healing of abstract artworks.


Abstract Motivational Artist goals are to improve the youth way of thinking and to better their community by motivational speaking and providing positive and expressive art workshops.

Values & Purpose

Abstract Motivational Artist values the youth wellbeing by benefiting them with different awareness’s and providing motivational art. Imperfection is Beautiful is all about Inclusiveness, judgement free and most importantly value diversity and equality.

As an Abstract Motivational Artist my purpose is to provide motivational speaking for the adolescents and young adults. To help them reduce negative thinking and begin to become self-aware to help control their distorted thinking. To have the youth to understand and to accept their own imperfections. Furthermore, marketing abstract positive artwork to benefit the community and to change people’s lives. As well as to create an art workshop for the youth to express negative tension and educate the benefit of the power of art healing.

About Lisa

My name is Lisa MacDonald, I have been doing art since I was six years old. I have always enjoy using a lot of vibrant colors because I felt colors are what makes up happiness. During my school years, it was difficult to make friends because I was very different and I didn’t want to be like anybody else. I have a challenge in learning (learning disability) and I am half Dominican. While having learning disability it was hard for me to understand complex subjects and being engage in different classes. I spoke Spanish and English but sometimes I mix up my words together and the students would make fun of me. I have felt I wasn’t good at anything, and that I am not smart as the average students because of how they treated me. Even though school was hard for me and the classes weren’t engaging for me, I have found that art is what I am good at and that I can free myself. Art has shown me ways to be confident with myself and learn that I can do anything if I put my mind into it and not just focus on my disability.

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My artwork is a definition of who I am and what I do as a person. I design my artwork in an abstract form because I believe it gives the piece an imperfect yet beautiful view. The imperfection in my artwork symbolizes of all our own human imperfections. I want to include the true meaning of imperfections into my artwork, because I want to spread this meaning as an awareness to others who are struggling to accept their own imperfections. I want to give them the hope and the love they may be searching for. Each piece I create has a meaning, to me as an artist, is the most important and rewarding of what I do. I believe my artwork can connect to people who are in need of positivity and motivation in their lives. As well as, I love to be inspired by others and love to include all their talent, culture, and beliefs into my pieces of artwork, because I have a lot of appreciation of different types of people in our world. As an artist I believe my art and myself have a powerful message to display and to speak for people in our world. Therefore, with all these inspirations in making art; this created my business logo “Imperfection is Beautiful” and made me become an Abstract Motivational Artist.

As an Abstract Motivational Artist my goal is to spread positivity and motivational aspects through my artwork and through my voice. I want my artwork and my voice to make a difference in our world. I want my artwork to be the purpose for people to feel connected and to feel motivated when going through life struggles. I want my positive mindset to speak out to the world and make a change in peoples lives. Finally, to provide awareness through my work and my voice to help the community be a better place to be in.

For the community I provide art and motivational workshops to help build a self esteem and feel good about one’s imperfections. Also, these workshops focus on how to handle on everyday challenges and how to better their lives. I provide a specific type of theme that correlates to the art activity and my motivational speech. Each person will listen to a motivational speech and then work on an art activity. This can promote positive feelings and gives a good direction on how to create an art piece. I also provide private workshop; it will be focusing on the participant current struggles and utilize any specific theme I focus on. As well on how they can better themselves by expressing their emotions through different forms of art (writing, dancing, art etc.). I work one on one with the participate and help to build them up by focusing on a specific strength (talent). This way it can help motivate them to start in creating and making a difference in their lives.