About Workshops

Please note: Abstract Motivational Artist is not a certified therapist and is not responsible to diagnosed and or put treatment onto a participate. This workshop is only to help minimize the common negative mindset and attempt to improve to a healthier lifestyle.

Workshop Themes and Prices

Self-Love (Connection with Nature)
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Splattering the Negativity Away$15
Body Image Awareness $15
Young Adults Practice of Kindness$15
Express Your Nationality Through Art $25
Going with the Imperfect Flow$25
Positive Affirmation$25
Coloring the Imperfections$25
Gratitude Workshop$25

Group Workshops

Abstract Motivational artist provides workshops that consists motivation and art. To help build the youth community stronger and to be confident with their own imperfections.

Private Group Packages:

Small Group— 5 to 10 | $250.00

Big Group— 11 to 15 | $350.00—$450.00

Motivational Life Skill Coaching

For every private workshop that is provided, it will be focusing on the participant current struggles and utilize any specific theme I focus on. These workshops I provide involves on everyday challenges that one may go through in their lives and how they can better themselves by expressing their emotions through different forms of art (writing, dancing, art etc.). I work one on one with the participate and help to build them up by focusing on a specific strength (talent). This way it can help motivate them to start in creating and making a difference in their lives.

With every private workshop—It will be $20.00 every hour and $45.00 for art materials

Why Should I Participate in a Workshop?

Values and Purpose

Abstract Motivational Artist values the wellbeing of all young people by teaching self-awareness through motivational art and conversation. Imperfection is Beautiful is inclusive, judgement-free and, most importantly, values diversity and equality.

As an Abstract Motivational Artist my purpose is to provide motivational speaking to adolescents and young adults. I want to help them reduce negative and distorted thinking and begin to become self-aware. It’s important young people understand and accept their own imperfections. Additionally, I want to market abstract positive artwork to benefit the community and to change people’s lives. I want to create an art workshop where young people can express and release negative tensions and discover the benefits and power of art healing.


Motivational Speaking Goals— I want to encourage young people to understand they have the ability to take control of and change their mindset. A step-by-step process will help them achieve better self-awareness, a new way to view their actions and an awareness of others.

Positive Art Goals— Abstract Motivational Artist workshops provides positivity and a chance to help young people going through challenging times gain confidence. They learn about the importance of releasing negative tension onto art and to be aware of their feelings while accepting themselves as imperfect individuals.


  • Gain awareness of themselves and others around them.
  • Learning to accept their imperfections and feeling comfortable with who they are.
  • Learn to adapt and manage life challenges.
  • Learning to provide self-love and self-care for oneself
  • Discovering oneself by working through art and listening to motivational speeches.